Trouble Tongues 8

What can we say we had it all!! THE FULL MONTY.
15 incredible open mikers – and 3 brilliant featured artists including the incredible Sadie Davidson who blew everyone away once again.
I know we’re biased but Trouble Tongues truly is the greatest poetry event in the universe, you name it it’s got it! A place for creative minds, radicals, weirdos and some just plain normal people to come and soak up some raw human energy! To all those that made it, you made the love real. A great night, thanks to all for creating the energy and thanks especially to all the performers who wowed us with their words.

Most of the performances are featured below, but apologies to those that are not – technical issues with my camera. There’s always next time, so do come back.

Sonny Green

Once again our masterful master of ceremonies kicks things off and fills the room with the Trouble Tongues vibe and signs off the night with one of his own.

Sadie Davidson

Our first FEATURED ARTIST the incredible Sadie Davidson who blew everyone away once again with her second appearance at Trouble Tongues.

Tanake Fuego

Our second Trouble Tongues FEATURED ARTIST tonight following a introductory performance at Trouble Tongues 7.

Tommy Evans

And our third FEATURED ARTIST of Trouble Tongues 8.


Her first performance at Trouble Tongues.


Telling it like it is at Trouble Tongues 8.

Steve Tasane

The ever popular Steve, a rapturous welcome as always.

Mr Precise




John Blake

Mr rapid fire himself AND he intimated that this may be his last performance – we hope not!!!!!

Jake Monday (J Why)


Simmy (Black Score)


Ewan Whosarmy