Trouble Tongues 10

Trouble Tongues family – you brought the vibe last night as always and Trouble Tongues 10 was an incredible success, thank you for everyone who was a part of the journey. Videos of the nights performances will be uploaded soon but in the meantime you can check out highlights here.

Sonny Green

Sonny gives his usual warm Trouble Tongues welcome


Hampstead Heath


And the finale!

Abdul-Ahad Patel

Our first Trouble Tongues Featured Artist of the night and a welcome return to Abdul who first joined the Trouble Tongues family back in March for Trouble Tongues 7.

MC Angel

Our third and final Trouble Tongues Featured Artist of the night, the inspirational Shauna O’Briain AKA MC Angel.

John Blake

Back again, and on top form!

Sister Ells

Her first Trouble Tongues performance and the Trouble Tongues audience loved her.

Kevin Del Rose McKay








Jake Monday (J Why)