Trouble Tongues 6

Massive shout to all the talented artists and poets who stepped up and made an absolutely unforgettable night. The Trouble Tongues family is growing and the vibe just gets better and better! Thank you everyone for turning up and bringing the energy, you know where we are! First Thursday of every month. Don’t forget to check out the performers individual profile pages.

Sonny Green

Our master of ceremonies Sonny Green gives a short impromptu performance.


Our first featured artist EMY.P absolutely smashed Trouble Tongues last night. If you ever get a chance to see EMY.P do her thing make sure you do, you will be in for a treat.

John Blake

This fine wordsmith will have your head reeling, another regular who is always given a rapturous welcome.


Steve Tasane

Another regular at Trouble Tongues whose performances are always a delight.

Neanderthal Bard

Robin Runciman

Our very own Transcendental Tramp from Hampstead Heath, the cosmic poet who has performed at every one of our Trouble Tongues events.

Mat Lloyd

Kate Lee

Yasmin Allen