We’re not going to mention the C word, other than circumstances ( which coincidentally also begins with C ) means we cannot have our live performances – but being as innovative as ever we have decided to continue being positive and feature NIGHTLY PERFORMANCES, yes nightly! on our Trouble Tongues Instagram streaming channel. So just check in at 7pm every night, to see wonderful wordsmiths giving their all to keep us connected. But be assured we’ll be back to unite with our friends at THE JAGO as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Keeping the vibe alive, living in our freedom, not the fear. Let’s make history, looking forward to seeing you family. #love #respect And let’s hear you say #freedom. Trouble Tongues spreads the love – check out previous performances at www.troubletongues.com/past-performances

The Venue


440 Kingsland Road, Dalston, London E8 4AA

Steeped in history, THE JAGO is a creative hub that features live music, performance, workshops and community led initiatives for London’s diverse audience and Trouble Tongues Spoken Word is honoured to be appearing at this groundbreaking venue – just a short walk from Dalston Junction (5 mins), Haggerston (6 mins) and Dalston Kingsland (9 mins) Overground Stations.

Come down, recline on comfy couches and watch our performers up-close, on-stage and enjoy a drink, great companionship from the Trouble Tongues “family” and a night of impressive talent and inspiration.


The Jago

A little bit of something for everyone!