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Sonny Green has worked in the live music scene over many years doing various gigs including being the first ever rap artist to perform at the House of Commons supporting Fatboy Slim. He’s worked with Brian May, Slash, Pete Doherty, Tamer Hassan amongst many well known artists. After supporting Asian Dub Foundation at a gig at Broadwater Farm, he was quickly recruited to join them live and to date he has played over 50 venues across Europe, consistently delivering confident live performances, opening for a variety of performers. In a sea of other similar artists, what makes Sonny stand out from the crowd is that he calls it as he sees it, and his angry lyrical tirades are completely uncompromising, unmaterialistic and calls out everyone from politicians to his peers without fear.

Sonny Green

“Jeremy Corbyn”

Fuckkk OFF establishment
Theresa may you dirty cunt
At the top these nonces run
This what happen Babylon dirty beat I’m stamping on
They wannah another shanking song
But I just chill and skank along
Keep it real my fans are strong
They all feel the banter don
Most them other wankers long
This the kill them bankers song!!!!
I sit here and ramble on
The mangled man
I come n bang
Jeremy corbyns biggest FAN
But swear down cuz there’s bigger plans
Like to crop a milly Grams
Get the gwap make silly scrAm
And show them Mugs we really banggg!!!
Ina RaVe Ina RAVe Nah we will.
Not behave my life be like movie
And my the world is like my stage
Ina rave Ina rave

I still blaze n puff aways
Still I’m living for today still it’s passing clouds forever Ftm go make a change
Whether Muslim or a Jew you want the truth we’re all the same
Just do our ting in different ways
And we fight each other yh the evil wins again
Still I’m singing in the RAIN
We will live a life of pain
Take the rough with the smooth and the rough will win the game
So I’m rough and I Train
Ima cooperate fiction man they privatised my name
Ima brighten up the flame sonny green come n came and again and again
Corbyn what yaa say???????
They assasssinate your character your smiling in thereee faceee
I’ve been rioting on stage
The youth will not behavveeeee we have a come to savage yaaa the youth have got not shameee
Do you want some prrroooooffff or some fire round your wayssss
Britain Britaannniaa listen round the manor if you got the vision to be different your a gangster
Gang where’s GeO with the Fanta
Sonny come around I come to drop another Bangerrrrr……. so I bang in the manor and I jam with
the gannger get prang with the hammer cah knock out spanner… it’s Brutal I’m far left but I’m
useful hard head but I’m truthal Still it’s canned fish and noodles staffs over poodles
Save Our NHS and invest it communal

I ain’t old school I’m feaudal
My whole ends on buagle
Like No friends No neutral Brexits gone beautiful…..
NOT a Joke it’s NOT
kill the Robot There coming for your job
There gonna fuck your wife with a robotic Cock
And she when she bout to cum nah never do thief stop
It’s a plot it’s a plot they want us all forgot
World War 3 means more money in the POT
It’s a drone it’s a drone they Got your mobile phone it’s a lot
It’s lonely on the block tuck my joggers in my sock
Hop on my bike take a ride to the shop
That’s Life that’s WHAT!!!!
Politricks tie knots but most of them are soft…
Oh gosshhhhhhhhhh

Copyright / Written by Sonny Green

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