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Sonny Green has worked in the live music scene over many years doing various gigs including being the first ever rap artist to perform at the House of Commons supporting Fatboy Slim. He’s worked with Brian May, Slash, Pete Doherty, Tamer Hassan amongst many well known artists. After supporting Asian Dub Foundation at a gig at Broadwater Farm, he was quickly recruited to join them live and to date he has played over 50 venues across Europe, consistently delivering confident live performances, opening for a variety of performers. In a sea of other similar artists, what makes Sonny stand out from the crowd is that he calls it as he sees it, and his angry lyrical tirades are completely uncompromising, unmaterialistic and calls out everyone from politicians to his peers without fear.

Sonny Green

“The Doorsteps of Britain”

The sun sets whilst I’m streaming 

Today we pray online 

god I know your with us 

Filled up on Holy Spirit 

like milk bottles dropped off at 5 am 

The doorsteps of Britain 

Silent and dispondent 

tired like our culture 

Like our politics and our poetry

The peasents are conforming 

Now my estate is voting Boris 

BJS and Cheap rides 

where always in abundance 

and we’re used to getting fucked 

So I guess they trust the devil they know 

I’d like to think 

we’re braver than that

but true say we’re tired toddlers left on British doorsteps

In baskets made of vines

Vines that strangle and choke the hope of the romantic

The roots stem from children’s homes exposed as being overgrown with paedophile rings

The 70s kids abused are parents abused, jimmy saville was there baby sitter thatcher was there mother  god save the queen,

As they played one another.

The door steps of Britain,

Tense & traumatised we hide our bruises behind our bravado. 

& still the baby screams. The baby screams 

A cry of freedom. & cry’s tears of truth. 

They drop out of the baskets made of vines and onto the street, where the blood flows down the drain. 

Into the sewer. into the sea. 

You want a happy ending but this one comes for free. 

So welcome to reality. 

In the basket lies the future the present and the past. 

Tell me what you want sir? You only have to ask, 

Go on ask me my opinion go on ask me for a glass? 

There quick to get you drunk but won’t give you a second chance. 

On The doorsteps of Britain. 

Sweet Caroline. 

Da da dada good times 

Never felt so good so good soo good’


But if you park outside man you’ll probably get a fine.

Stupid white man always worried about the time.

On the door  steps of Britain.

The sun sets whilst I’m streaming ,

Our elders killed off our future but or babies there still dreaming.

In there baskets made of vines,

Only god can Judge us.

But a judge can take your life.

On the door steps of Britain.

The class system is a crime.

They label us the Chavs and then ask us for a line.

On the door steps of Britain.

Doing what we’re told. 

And inside there Ivory towers there sitting on there gold. 

You ain’t great no more, your boring and your old. 

You tried to sell the people’s soul but our spirits can’t be sold. 

On the door steps of Britain. 

The diamond from the heart of Africa is in the Tower of London. 

Until it returns to the mother land we will always be confused. 

On the door steps of Britain 

Broken and abused. 

The sun sets while I’m streaming 

Leave me be leave alone 

On the door steps of Britain 

Where they killed us through our phones.

On the door steps of Britain. 

Leave a Rose by my grave 

Ifought hard for my country 

But they buried me a Slave 

On the door steps of Britain’. 

The sun sets whilst we stream 

I can still hear my neighbour 


God Save the Queen

© Sonny Green (2020)

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