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Sadie Davidson is a spoken word artist, author, producer, playwright, and multi-slam winning poet. Check out her website www.sadiedavidsonpoet.com for a more comprehensive profile, including upcoming performances and her book “The Poverty Guide Handbook”.

Join Sadie Davidson as she unravels the world of the underclass, the reality of life on the breadline and how government policy has let all this happen. Sadie’s trademark rapid-fire verse alongside personal, researched and insightful essays combines with her grit, power and insight into the state of poverty in the UK. This highly anticipated collection combines verse and essay to highlight the far-reaching effects of deprivation.

The Poverty Guide Handbook

Having just finished “The Poverty Guide Handbook” – a prose and poetry mix up / melt down, it is available now from Whisky & Beards Publishing – I am very pleased / totally stoked to announce I will be touring my little tome around a number of excellent poetry and spoken word nights from late Jan onwards.
Dates etc later but I can tell you I will be making appearances at Platform 1 Poetry, Slam Dunk – Poetry Page, Word Search LIVE and Spoken, Not Stirred among others; also looking forward to getting in amongst it with Poetic justice events.
I’m still taking bookings and reaching out to promoters with this so if you’d like to book me, or know someone who might – let me know.
Here’s a little taster of pieces from The Poverty Guide Handbook for you to have a listen to – this was filmed at The Sofa Slam in Dagenham.
Oh yeah, and – ALL PROFITS from the book launch of The Poverty Guide Handbook are going to Southend Storehouse – my large and local food bank who give out 500 food bags a week and have 4750 registered users, so please support.
Anyway I’ll keep you posted. Thank you all and bless

Sadie Davidson

Three poems from Sadie’s upcoming book, The Poverty Guide Handbook, a mix of prose and poetry giving a first hand perspective on some of the issues which affect (and are affected by) people living in varying states of poverty.

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