About Shaun Rivers

Shaun Rivers is a performance poet, actor and visual artist from Stockport, Greater Manchester, now based in London.

Twisted and Chewed

His debut poetry book Twisted and Chewed is about naïve decadence, dreadful despair, love, way too many drugs, believing in your favourite band, wasting time in Hornsey, tripping in America, forgetting what your name is and wondering who an earth you truly are…

KIll Jimmy

This is a dance track about a nonce and a shady TV station called the BBC.

You paid for a paedo on your license fee
They covered it up, and now we’re all fucked
If you even look at a kid on the tube you can get locked up
Johnny Rotten warned us but nobody listened
When he said “buy butter”, you were all smitten

I’d like to kill Jimmy Savile

Lyrics and vocals by Shaun Rivers. Music production by Lord Oscillator. Video by George Kountouras.


Free At Last

Written and directed by Elliot Neal
Starring Shaun Rivers

Based on the poem
 Moonlight on a Gravestone by Shaun Rivers
With music from
 Saul Wodak

River’s Rodeo

Shuan also produces a wild variety night called Rivers’s Rodeo featuring truly exceptional, unusual and esoteric acts all compered by the inimitable Shaun Rivers.

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