About Doberman

Hailing from the rolling hills of West Yorkshire, Doberman is a Leeds-born writer and hip-hop artist. Combining intricately written rhyme schemes with lyrics that flit from pensive to provocative, Doberman is known for his raw and emotive performance style.

Doberman has released music both independently and as a featured artist for the Jazz Hop Café, a net-based radio station and record label with over half a million subscribers on YouTube alone.

He released his debut album Tales from t’Dales with fellow Yorkshire emcee Breathless in 2018 to positive underground reception, followed by two singles later that year which received airplay on BBC Introducing, BBC Radio Leeds, Itch FM, Pyro Radio, and coverage in Hip-Hop Canada and Word is Bond magazine.

He moved to London in late 2018 and has since been making himself known on the spoken word scene, earning himself a feature-length set at Trouble Tongues immediately after his first appearance on the open mic.

“Excellent UK hip-hop that needs to be heard” – Alan Raw, BBC Introducing West Yorkshire

“Blistering” – Benny Diction, emcee/musician/food enthusiast

“A refreshing and honest example of Northern Hip Hop” – Hip-Hop Kings

“Like a soundclash between Split Prophets and Flame Griller” – UKHH.com

Tales from t’Dales

Tales from t’Dales gets PHYSICAL! Help us celebrate the anniversary of our debut album with a limited run of CDs and exclusive merch! It’s been just over a year now since myself (Doberman) and my fellow Yorkshire-born emcee Breathless released our debut album, Tales from t’Dales. Following consistent demand for physicals, and to celebrate the anniversary of the album’s release, we want to produce a limited run of Tales from t’Dales CDs, along with some exclusive merchandise for our loyal supporters!

“Ah okay. So what you wanting money for again?”
In addition to commemorating the album’s anniversary, by getting physicals of it made we hope to achieve two things:-

1) Thank those who have shown us love and support by giving them the opportunity to not only have a physical copy of it, but also to get their hands on some super-limited, extra dank, one-time-only merch.
2) Help word of Doberman, Breathless and the Irish Fields Collective spread further – we want a professionally packaged product that we can hand out to more publications, more radio stations, and more randoms after the open mic.

Getting there however, requires a bit of generosity, compassion, and some vocal support. That’s where you come in, humble reader (you’ve read this far, so we already get the impression that you’re dead nice).

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“Something Cinematic” EP

The Jazz Hop Café Records presents a 2-track release from upcoming British rapper Doberman. Containing two jazz-infused renditions of the same love song.

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