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E J is an actor and poet who started writing as a way to process the strange world around him. He grew up in Slough, a town famous for two things, the dreary setting for Ricky Gervais‘ ‘The Office’ and a poem by John Betjeman’s requesting ‘friendly bombs and fall on Slough!’.

His informal style of poetry has been described as ‘seamlessly drifting between a conversational and musical flow’ that draw an audience in before allowing them to reflect on their own lives.

During some expensively long showers and tediously long car journeys he pieces together reflections on his perspective of the world as a 20 something British male. The recurring theme being that he honestly doesn’t have many answers on how to do life, but it’s worth asking the questions anyway.

His acting career has taken him to theatres in London’s West-end and up and down the country. His most recent work on stage was the UK production of Warhorse, and after 18 months trapped inside the cage of  a horses rear end, he decided is more than ready to be seen and heard again.

E J is currently working on his first book that will combine photography and poetry in an attempt to create a mind map of the maturing mixed race millennial male, maybe a masterpiece, maybe a massive melancholic misuse of alliteration.

Bath Tub Heart Throbs

This poem is about the feeling when your lovely warm bath suddenly gets cold and uncomfortable. We’ve all been there, wondering how long we can drag it out until it is too cold, even though we’ve already stopped enjoying it, we hold on to the idea of what it used to be.

Writers Block

Poem/Documentary/Poementary about the struggle of having nothing to really say.

Home Comforts

I wrote this poem a few months into my tour of Warhorse UK. As much as I enjoy life on tour, I started to notice all the small details that separate a ‘home from home’, from your actual home. It’s less about the physical buildings, but more about the people, the pets and the peace of mind.

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