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We would ask that you make a donation of whatever you can afford. Proceeds go to www.troubletonguescic.com helping young people build their communication skills, confidence and resilience through public speaking and creative writing skills.

Trouble Tongues 16

Thursday 5th December

This month gets a Friday the 13th – Election Day. Now we at Trouble Tongues aren’t superstitious but we do believe that it could be everyone’s lucky day – yes, it’s our chance to get rid of the Conservative Party and the last 10 years of punishing austerity and claim our future. So two momentous decisions to make this month, first come to Trouble Tongues 16 and be inspired by our 3 Featured Artists Sonny Green (Live Band), Broken Pen and Hayah. PLUS the 10 Open Mics from our floor of revolutionary wordsmiths, and second MAKE SURE YOU VOTE and we could all end up celebrating the season of comfort and joy!!! See you at The Macbeth on Thursday 5th December – Open Mic sign ups on the night before 7.30pm.

The MACBETH of HOXTON, 70 Hoxton St, Hackney, London N1 6LP

10 mins from Old Street Station

About Trouble Tongues

Trouble Tongues is Spoken Word, Like You’ve Never Heard. We are wordsmiths who represent freedom, challenge the status quo and feed your mind with thoughts that no-one wants you know. Oh, and we will make you angry, as well as joyous, and maybe even bring a tear to your eye. Come join us and together we will spread the word!

Sonny Green

Sonny Green


Meet Your Host

Sonny Green has worked in the spoken word and live music scene for many years doing various gigs including being the first ever rap artist to perform at the House of Commons supporting Fatboy Slim. Consistently delivering confident and original live performances, what makes Sonny stand out from the crowd is that he calls it as he sees it, and his angry lyrical tirades are completely uncompromising, unmaterialistic calling out everyone from politicians to his peers without fear.

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